Geeky Resolution Ideas

Whether you are making a New Year’s Resolution or some mid-year goals, it can be fun to add some geeky ones in the mix. So I have a few suggestions for what you can resolve yourself to do as a geek.


Play/Read/Watch Your Backlog

Every geek has a backlog of some kind, whether it is a video game backlog or a TBR pile or all those shows in your Netflix watch list. An excellent resolution is to tackle those backlogs and finally get to those things you’ve been meaning to.

Explore A New Fandom

There are so many fandoms out there, so there is bound to be one you have yet to explore. Whether you want to try watching anime or start reading comics or give gaming a try, exploring a new fandom is a fun experience and you can also maybe find a new love.


Do Geeky Experiences

There are so many geeky experiences out there now. From conventions to escape rooms to VR arcades and beyond, doing a geeky experience will be fun and a story to tell. So if you have ever been curious about what a con is like or their is a limited time popup near you, take advantage of those opportunities.

Tackle Your Geeky Bucket List

As geeks, there are things we just really want to do. I’ve written posts on various geeky bucket list things I want to accomplish and experience. And as the saying goes “there is no time like the present”. So start planning and working towards those bucket list items.

What’s your geeky resolution for the year? Share it with a comment below!

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One thought on “Geeky Resolution Ideas

  1. It’s been a while since I completely finished a Pokémon game because I always get distracted by life and put it off until I “have more time.” This year I’m actually going to completely finish Pokémon Shield 💪🏻💜

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