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If you didn’t notice, I have been reading quite a lot lately. I decided that I wanted to read more this year and so far so good! So I am sharing what I have been doing to read so much more than the past.

Make Your Reading Portable

When your reading material is portable, you can then read when you have downtime. I personally got a Kindle to be my portable reading device and I have loved reading with it. You can also get the Kindle app on your phone or tablet if you want a digital solution but can’t get a Kindle.

Traditional physical books work too, with paperbacks and smaller sizes being easier to take with you. The downside of physical books is if you finish it and want to start reading another, you would have to then carry more books which is hard for the more casual of readers. Thus why I went with a Kindle.

Use Your Library

Books cost money and not everyone can justify buying them regularly. So use your library! I found that my local library has an eBook catalog online through Overdrive so I can get free library books on my Kindle! This is how I finally got to read They Both Die at the End. Plus you can make a wishlist of books to remember for later and also put holds that will automatically go to you when available. And if you prefer physical books, your local librarians will thank you for visiting.

Read What You Can Handle

With this tip, I don’t mean reading difficulties perse. I have found that, depending on a variety of factors, it can become hard to finish longer or more difficult books. When I am mentally not 100% is when this usually occurs. And when I am in this state, I read books that are easier for me like graphic novels and poetry collections. When you want to read more, any reading is good reading. Plus I have found some wonderful works by reading these “lighter” books.

Seek Community for Accountability

There are a few ways to find accountability and support on your reading journey. You can join Goodreads and set a challenge for yourself for the year. My challenge is currently set to 24 books in the year and watching your progress in the challenge is really motivating. You can also find book clubs, both online and off, if that helps you out. I’m a member of the Bad Bitch Book Club, which focuses on reading books by women with a female protagonist. Even just having you and a friend read the same book together can help a lot, plus you get to bond with a friend!

And if you are a blogger, you can create accountability by making content about what you read. Whether you write reviews on the books or share reading tips like I am, pledging yourself to make content is also a good motivator.

Make It A Routine

This is probably the most common tip, but it is said a lot for a reason. If you make reading a part of your routine you will read more. So whether you read before bed, over lunch, or in the morning with your coffee, that incorporation will help.

What are your tips for reading more? Share them in the comments below!

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