Board Games for Book Lovers

I’ve been reading and playing board games a lot lately, and have found that there are a bunch of board games that book lovers will love. So I am recommending some!


Council of Verona

In this game inspired by the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet, you try to play the various Capulets and Montagues to win the most points based on various conditions. Whether you need more Capulets on the court or Montagues, or maybe just have Romeo and Juliet together,  you’ll have to outwit your fellow players to gain the most points.

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If you enjoy crafting your own stories and don’t mind the darker side, Gloom is great for you. The objective is to have your family have the worst lives at death. With creative ways to ruin their lives, it is easy to start crafting stories. You also have to fend off the joy others can play on your family and play your own joys on them.

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Fire in the Library

All lovers of books should want to save books from a burning library right? Although a semi-stressful setup for the book lover, Fire in the Library is a great press your luck game where you try to save as many books as you can from the fire. You can risk losing the books you save if you push your luck too far, but you also have some trusty tools to help you.


Marrying Mr. Darcy

If you are a fan of Jane Austen, Marrying Mr. Darcy is a great game where you, obviously, try to marry Mr. Darcy. With many familiar characters from all of Austen’s works to expansions that add more lore and references, this card game is sure to be a favorite.


Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards

The queen of crime has a new game, and you may or may not be the murderer in this mystery. In Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards, all players have secrets and one player’s secret is that they are the murder. While the other players are trying to catch the killer, the murderer is trying to escape before being revealed. It is a fun mix of social deduction and strategy that is sure to make you use your little gray cells.

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If you want to embrace your visual storytelling skills, Mysterium is great. In this co-op game, one player plays a ghost trying to help the mediums, aka the other players, solve their murder. The ghost can only give visual clues to put their story together for their teammates to see if they can tell the tale of the ghost’s demise.

What games do you think book lovers will enjoy? Let me know with a comment below!

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