First Look: No Time To Relax

No Time To Relax is a life simulation game where up to four players compete to have the ultimate life. From education, profession, leisure, and more, you will have to balance your life for the win.

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Players are striving to max out certain key areas to get the most points and overall win the game of life. These areas include your finances, happiness, health, and education. You’ll want to climb the corporate ladder of wherever you work, get educated to improve your profession, and somehow keep sane, eat, workout, and pay your rent all during your timed turn. As they say, there is no time to relax with all the things you have to do!

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At the start of your turn, you will get cards that will either give your points or take away points based on certain choices you’ve made as well as random events. Forgetting to eat and increased stress will lose you points but going to events and winning the lottery will gain you points. And there are many silly, random ones too. It is a fun addition so you can see the effects of certain choices as well as add to the craziness of life with randomness.

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You can choose how long of a game you want, with rounds defined as weeks. There are short games that are only ten weeks and longer ones with 30 weeks. And there is also a marathon mode that seemingly is endless. Plus, this game has both online multiplayer as well as local making it a great game to play with friends. And you can play solo against a computer player if you want.

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The game has also had a lot of updates with new additions like the ability to hex your friends and own pets.  The diversity of options they add really makes the game more strategic and really does resemble life’s infinity options but limited time. You can also turn some of these off, like hexes, for a more chill game.

no-time-to-relax (12)

The quirky art really fits the game well and definitely helps the game stand out in the crowd. No Time To Relaxis goofy and funny which is great for a fun multiplayer game to play with friends. It adds to the charm of the game for sure.

What multiplayer games do you like to play with friends? Let me know with a comment below.

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