What to Watch: Broadway Sandwich

Have you ever wanted to know what Broadway performers do between shows on two-show days? Well, Broadway Sandwich shows us exactly that!


Broadway shows will usually perform 8 shows a week so one day has two shows. During the time between shows, what are the performers up to? Garen Scribner, who has performed on Broadway himself, hosts the show and meets up with a performer from various shows to see how they spend that time. With so many diverse performers across all these shows, it is very interesting to see how they prepare for their shows. Plus we get a peek backstage of these shows which is always a treat.


Some of the people we get to spend time with include Isaac Powell who starred as Daniel in “Once On This Island”, Etai Benson who starred in “The Band’s Visit”, Jessica Vosk who starred as Elphaba in “Wicked”, and many other incredible actors, actresses, and dancers.


The shows that are featured are what is on Broadway right now so if you really want an inside look at the shows on stage right now, Broadway Sandwich is a great way to do so. And you can watch all of the show for free on YouTube and on PBS’s website.

If you could see backstage of any show, what show would you choose? Let me know with a comment below.

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