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Astrologaster Review


Astrologaster is a comedy game set in Shakespeare’s London where you play as ‘Doctor’ Simon Forman, who treats his patients using astrology. Yes, this game is as ridiculous as it sounds.

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Seriously though, Astrologaster is so silly, which is fitting for a medical practice built solely on what the stars say. Your ultimate goal as “Doctor” Forman is to get enough letters of recommendation to be a fully reputable doctor. You see a variety of patients who demand diagnoses, treatments, and sometimes to be read fortunes written in the stars. You also develop varying relationships with your patience depending on the care they receive.

You’re given options based on the zodiac to diagnose patients and also prescribe treatments. There are right answers and wrong answers but you can’t tell which is which really and have to make your best judgement. The closer your diagnosis and treatment is to the real issue, the more likely you will get recommendations.

This game is ultimately just goofy, comedic fun that should be played as such. If you want some series strategy, this one is not for you. But if you want something that you can have a laugh at, Astrologaster is a good fit for that.

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