Monument Valley 2 Review

Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle mobile game and the sequel to Monument Valley. You must guide Ro and her child through mazes of optical allusions and architectural puzzles.

Mechanics wise it is the exact same as the first game. By raising and lowering, twisting and turning, and spinning for a new perspective, you will guide the characters to their end goal. It is just as vibrant and thoughtful as the first as well. And overall it is a fairly short game that is rather relaxing.

The story has some similarities with the first game, but I found that this one was easier to follow and fully understand what was happening. Between puzzles are moments like the ones shown above where the character interacts with a spirit. Overall, the story is about growth and motherhood and I found it very sweet and charming.

This game is just as much a gem as the first one. I enjoyed playing and found that the puzzles were just the right level of difficult where they made you think without raging. Also you can’t ignore how stunning the art is. I’d suggest this game if you enjoy puzzles and want something to play that is chill.

Monument valley 2 is $4.99 on both Google Play and the App Store.

Do you have a relaxing mobile game you enjoy? Share it with a comment below!


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