First Look: Date or Die

Date or Die is a project I have had my eye on for awhile. So I finally gave the two demos a try and wanted to share my initial thoughts.

In Date or Die, you play as a contestant, named Hero, on a reality dating show. The catch is, if you don’t find your true love you will die and it may be at the hands of other competitors. So in order to win, and survive, is to find true love.

This game currently has two demos, the prologue and the pilot, and I played both to get a first impression. In the prologue, it starts from what would be the beginning of the game. As Hero, you take a quiz and this quiz tells you who your true love among the other competitors is. You are then introduced to the other contestants as well as the evil mastermind behind this crazy show. From there the game begins.

In the pilot, you have two route options to try, with one being the more dating sim focused side and the other much darker and focusing on the “die” portion of this game. These are more representative of the game play and how your choices can lead to different outcomes in the scenarios. It is like your standard visual novel just with a sinister twist.

Overall, I find the concept of this game very interesting. The demos give a good snapshot of the story and concept without giving anything away. They made me want to play more and see what Hero’s full story would be.

That being said, there has been no updates on this game since the pilot demo came out which was in 2017. I hope that this game is not gone forever because I am very intrigued at what else can come from it. It has a really strong start so I hope we get a finished product.

If you want to try the demos, they are playable on

What game are you excited to see more of? Let me know with a comment below.


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