Favorite Albums

I’ve been on a big nostalgic music trip lately, finding old favorites and collecting them into playlists so I don’t forget about them. And by doing this I have really determined what my most favorite albums are and those are what I’m sharing today.

Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez

Any time I am asked or think about an album that is perfect top to bottom, I think of Cry Baby. The music is stellar and how Melanie implements the theme through every song is masterful. She’s done this with her other albums as well, but I think Cry Baby is her best.

Smoke & Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

I am certainly an Imagine Dragons fan and have been for a while. And Smoke and Mirror is easily my favorite album. I can listen to the entire thing non-stop and have multiple times. Some of my favorite songs of theirs is from this album.

Badlands by Halsey

Halsey’s first album, Badlands, is what made me fall in love with her music. She is one of my top favorite artists of all time thanks to this album.

hopeless fountain kingdom by Halsey

Yes Halsey makes my list twice because hopeless fountain kingdom is also a masterpiece. It is another one I have listened to all the way through multiple times without skips.

Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine

I re-listened to this album the other day and forgot how good it is. Florence is lyrically a genius and her music is so beautiful and mystical.

Zaba by Glass Animals

Zaba, and Glass Animals as a whole, is very unique. Their music is unlike any other artist I listen to and I find what they create very interesting and magical.

GRIS Original Soundtrack by Berlinist

I constantly obsessive over how gorgeous the soundtrack for GRIS is. It is the most beautiful music from a game I have ever heard. Absolutely stunning work by Berlinist.

What are your favorite albums? Share them with me in the comments below!


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