Love Dynamite? Listen to These Songs Too

BTS’ first English song Dynamite swept the world, broke records, and got them their first Grammy nomination. With their second English song on the way, I had the thought of sharing other songs from Korean artists that have similarities with Dynamite that people should listen to.

Blue Hour by TxT

Easily one of the most feel good and happy songs in K-Pop is Blue Hour by TomorrowXTogether. It’s a fun summer song just like Dynamite was.

Anpanman by BTS

If you somehow haven’t checked out more BTS after hearing Dynamite, I suggest giving Anpanman a listen! It has similar energy as Dynamite with a fun theme. If you want another fun performance version, see what they did for the Love Yourself tour. It’s pure joy and fun.

We DO by SuperM

We DO brings the disco and 70’s vibes back with the music styling and is, like all the others, a fun summer song to enjoy.

Rollin by Brave Girls

I don’t listen to a lot of girl groups honestly, but I had to include this 2017 song that has blown up recently. I didn’t even know it was from 2017 until I was making this post because it has gotten so popular recently that they are performing it again. So I share a recent performance of it.

Touch by Touch by GreatGuys

What about songs in English? Here you go! GreatGuys is still a Korean group and their recent comeback has an English version. Again it is fun and positive and brings a bright, disco energy.

View by SHINee

This choice is for the songs sound more than the music video, so keep that in mind. It is another fun, upbeat song by a superstar group, and gives some love to older K-pop.

Get Cool by Stray Kids

Stray Kids are often known for their more rock-influenced, dark concepts and songs like God’s Menu. But there is this little gem of a song that is just bright and fun and a little silly like Dynamite.

What songs remind you of Dynamite? Share them in the comments!


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