Ranking Disneyland’s Lands

The Happiest Place on Earth has many magical areas throughout, but I decided to put them head to head and determine which land is the best one.

9. Critter Country

As it currently stands, Critter Country is frankly a boring land. With such a small space, Disney can only do so much with it. But I honestly forget that it is its own land instead of an extension of New Orleans Square. And when Splash Mountain gets renovated to be Princess and the Frog themed, that division gets even more blurred. 

8. Mickey’s Toontown

Since this whole land is currently under much-needed renovation, this ranking is based on how it was prior to the addition of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. 

Toontown always felt like a kids-only area. So as a child it was fun, but it’s been left unattended for so long it’s fallen into disarray. It desperately needed a huge overhaul, and I’m glad it is getting it finally. 

7. Tomorrowland

Speaking of needing an overhaul, Tomorrowland needs one too. Not as desperately as Toontown, but it has become very outdated and has places that have been abandoned. Autopia can (and should) be replaced, the Peoplemover track should be taken out to open the space up so it isn’t so congested, and in my opinion, anything Star Wars should move to Galaxy’s Edge. A lot can be done and should be in my opinion.

6. Main Street

The theming of Main Street is impeccable and it houses one of my favorite places to eat (Carnation Cafe). But there isn’t a reason to really linger there, which is logical. So that’s why it’s in the middle for me. 

5. Frontierland

Frontierland has solid theming from top to bottom. The one weakness I see is the lack of attractions. Beyond the boat tours, Frontierland only really has Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as a ride. And while it is a great ride, having only one weakens the land for me.

4. Fantasyland

While Frontierland lacks attractions, Fantasyland is full of them. The theming is also so perfect and overall I wouldn’t change any of it. It could use some touch-ups since it has had some wear and tear over the years, but nothing fundamentally different should happen.

3. Galaxy’s Edge

I am not a Star Wars fan in the slightest. I’ve never seen a single film and it just isn’t an interest of mine. But I have to commend Galaxy’s Edge for simply being so masterfully crafted. Not only is the theming brilliant, but the change from Disneyland proper to this area is so immersive, you’d forget about every other land. That paired with the innovation behind the rides makes this a stellar land.

2. New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square is probably my favorite land because of the theming and having two of my favorite attractions in the whole resort. Both Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion are iconic, plus there are some things you can only get in that land like the beignets, mint juleps, and dinner inside an attraction. 

1. Adventureland

Adventureland has an immersive quality that some of the other lands lack, as well as wonderful theming and multiple fitting attractions that are all unique. From the Jungle Cruise to Indiana Jones to the Tiki Room, there are numerous different ways to be entertained in that land that fits everyone. Could it use some tweaks, yes. But I still believe it is a top-tier land that was touched by Walt Disney himself.

What is your favorite thing to do in Disneyland? Let me know with a comment!


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