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Popular Video Games in My Backlog


Much like how I had popular shows I never finished watching, I have popular video games that have just sat in my backlog unplayed or barely started. These are those games that are beloved by gamers but I haven’t hit play on myself.

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Portal & Portal 2

I knew the cake was a lie before I even knew about Portal. And once I started my gaming journey I acquired the games. But they have remained untouched in my Steam library. I honestly forgot I had them until I went through my backlogs to see what games would be on this list.

Hitman (2016)

I don’t even know how I got the 2016 Hitman, but it is in my Steam nonetheless. It probably came from an old Humble Bundle if I had to guess. I have actually watched a good amount of Hitman gameplay so I know what to expect and what could happen, so this probably won’t leave my backlog any time soon.

Tomb Raider Trilogy

The 2013 reboot Tomb Raider I have played a little more than an hour of according to Steam while the following two I have not played at all yet I own. To be fair though I really like the reboot and want to play them, I just need a better computer to do so. I have watched full playthroughs of all three games so I know what happens, but I’d still like to play them at some point.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is right up my alley of games I enjoy, but I have yet to even open the game. It is the most recently acquired game on this list and the height of its popularity has passed by, so I have a feeling I’ll end up finally playing it when I’m bored and just pick it randomly.

Mass Effect 2 (yes, only 2)

That’s right I only own the second Mass Effect game. I believe I got it as a part of some promotion Origin was doing for the platform and it was free. I can’t say I have any inclination to play Mass Effect so this may never get played, but who knows.


This was definitely part of a Humble Bundle as the headlining game and is the only reason I own it since I am not a multiplayer shooter player at all. And since this isn’t my style of gameplay, it will likely go unplayed for the foreseeable future.

What well-loved games have you not yet played? Share them with a comment!

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One reply on “Popular Video Games in My Backlog”

I’d say most of the games on your list are something of a hit-and-miss. Titles with a big franchise like Hitman are fun for someone who is already into hitman games or a fan of stealth games, which is quite a niche. It’s the same with Tomb Raider since there’s an open world but with its hands tied, quite linear imo.

I’m a sucker for first-person shooters, but Overwatch is different gravy. The gameplay is high-speed but a little too flashy. I’d recommend you to try it unless your eyes start hurting after a few rounds in, which is perfectly understandable 😅

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