Favorite Video Games of All Time

I’m back with a Saturday Six and I am sharing six of my all-time favorite video games ever.

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Eliza Review

Eliza is a visual novel set in the Seattle tech scene focusing on the AI counseling app Eliza and one of its creators, Evelyn. Mental health meets technology in this story and we play as Evelyn to help her decide what is right and wrong, and what is best for her.

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A Tour of My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

Like many others, I have booked my getaway package and traveled to my own deserted island with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I have never played an Animal Crossing game before so this has all been a new and fun experience. So I’m going to take you on a mini-tour of my island!

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Conglomerate 451 Review

Conglomerate 451 is a cyberpunk first-person dungeon crawler where the world has been taken over by four big business industries working against the government. You are the director of a government agency that lead squads of clones into the dregs of the city to complete missions in order to save the city from its dystopian demise.

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Video Games to Play Based on Your Myers-Briggs: Introduction

A while ago, I wrote a post with video game recommendations based on your zodiac sign. That post was so popular that I figured it would be fun to do something similar with another popular personality identifier: Myers-Briggs.

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Video Games To Take To Your Thanksgiving Table

One of my favorite things to do during Thanksgiving is play games. We call it Thanksgaming for a reason. Even though board games are a popular option for this, there are some video games that are great for family gatherings.

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Board Games for Video Gamers

While there are some of us gamers that cross between video and board, others have their sides. So in an effort to get gamers to cross sides a bit, I have decided to do some recommendations. This post focuses on great board games for video gamers to try.

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Indie Video Games To Play With Kids

Even though I became much more of a gamer as an adult, I started playing games as a kid. ClueFinders, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego, and a variety of Barbie games were my go-to games as a youngster. We know that kids today still have Mario and Pokemon to get them into gaming, but I wanted to share a few indie games that are great for younger gamers to play.

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Speed Dating for Ghosts Review

Being a ghost gets pretty lonely after a while. In Speed Dating for Ghosts, you try to alleviate your loneliness through the magic of short conversations with strangers. And if you hit it off with one at the end, you’ll get a date out of it. But ghosts have unique motives and eccentricities that make this a lot more interesting.

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Emoji Charades Review

I have had a lot of fun playing party games with friends and family over the years. And it is always great to see a new one to try, especially if you’ve been playing the same ones for a while. So when I got sent Emoji Charades, I definitely wanted to try it. Continue reading

The World Next Door Review

I recently finished playing The World Next Door, which is a narrative-driven, action-adventure game. We play as Jun, a human that wins a special lottery to visit the planet Emrys. However, things go awry when she gets trapped on Emrys and is trapped, which could lead to her death. Continue reading

First Look: Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is a visual novel romantic comedy set in the year 20XX of a future where the 1980s video game crash never happened and arcades are still a thriving form of entertainment. They have a demo of the game available on Steam so I decided to give it a go and give you all a first look. Continue reading

Gris Review

I first saw Gris when I first got my Switch as it was available as a pre-order and released shortly after, and I was entranced by the artwork and knew I had to play it. And I first tried it during my 12 Days of Gaming, and with that taste, I knew I had to play through this entire game and share my thoughts. Continue reading

Love Your Backlog 2019

I’m joining in on Love Your Backlog week, brought to us by Later Levels and Lightning Ellen. The concept is simple: instead of hating on your massive backlog of games, love it instead. So I’m writing this post about my backlog from the questions provided and encourage you to do the same!

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Video Games to Play with Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you may be thinking about how you can spend that day with your partner. Since you now have a consistent player 2 in your life, why not spend the day playing some video games together? And here I have some suggestions for what you can play, with some focus on local gaming but can also be played apart for the long-distance couples out there. Continue reading

How To Discover New Indie Games

When it comes to video games, I really love indie games. I basically only play indie games and very, very rarely play anything else. So I figured I’d share some tips and places I learn about new indie video games. Continue reading

Wandersong Review

Wandersong, a puzzle-platformer by Greg Lobanov and Humble Bundle, was one of the games I played during my 12 Days of Gaming. And yes, I am just now getting to the review of it. This charming game is not usually my style of video games, but I decided to take a chance on it on the Switch. Continue reading

Animal Area Control, A Game from the Ashes, and Enemy Eateries: Kickstart Your Week 6

A new year means new Kickstarters to check out and help projects come to life. There are some really standout campaigns happening right now and some hidden gems as well. I pulled four of the ones I found the most intriguing to share today. Continue reading