5 Ways to Keep Creativity Alive

Sometimes creativity is an enigma. One second it is there and the next it is gone. When you invest your time into a creative activity, it is imperative to keep creativity and imagination alive. But how exactly can that be done?

Become Habitual

When you go with the flow, creativity does also and will freely come in and out of your life. Also, when nothing is regular and scheduled, stress can distract from the process. By having a specific time to work, relax or whatever else you need, your mind will open up to work easier and consistently.

Look to Others

Looking at others’ work can be inspiring and enlightening, and help you develop ideas you may have been stuck on. If there is an artist that inspires you or you admire, take some time to study their work. However, too much investigation into others can be discouraging, so tread lightly.

Create a Space

The space you work in can greatly affect the success of your imagination and creativity. It should fit how you work and should be able to provide everything you need to get work done without having to leave and get stuff. It should also be distraction-free, or as close as you can get to that.

Take Breaks

Constant work and trying to force creativity will certainly not work in your favor. Taking breaks will give yourself rest and relaxation and take your mind off of your work. Your mind will keep working in the background if you let it, and maybe you will find inspiration by not searching for it.

Enjoy Yourself

If you are not enjoying what you are trying to do, no amount of creativity or imagination will salvage the disdain you now have. Creative activities should be enjoyed and loved, and don’t let a slump in creativity ruin it all. Being happy about the work will cause ideas to flow easily.

How do you keep creativity alive? Let me know in the comments below.

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