How To Rejuvenate Creativity

As creatives, we all hit a rut or fall into a state of repetition with our work sometimes. It can seem average and uninspired to us, especially when we work on something for so long. How can we, when stuck in these situations, rejuvenate our creativity.

Change Projects

If you are anything like me, you have a place to list all of your ideas. When you feel stuck in your creativity, look at that list and pick up something new to do. The change can help generate new ideas and refresh yourself and your mind.

I did this quite recently by starting A Geek Girl’s Tees. Opening a clothing shop is very different from blogging in a lot of ways, and it was a nice change of pace for me mentally. I was so uninspired to write because it was all I was doing with my free time while job hunting so I got burned out. So focusing on the tee store was very refreshing for my creativity.


Pick Up A New Medium

I was facing a really bad writer’s block and was struggling with writing being my creative medium. So, I decided to pick up a new hobby of creativity and started painting in my free time. It helped change my focus and artistic expression to help rejuvenate and make new creative ideas happen. Also, it’s great to find creative pursuits in many mediums, not just one.

Enjoy Someone Else’s Work

When we are facing creative struggle, it can help to go and appreciate the work of someone you admire. Or even just scroll through Pinterest can be very conducive to the creative flow. Or, listen to music to help inspire you. I get very inspired by music, so adding that to your brainstorming or work can help lift new ideas from you.


Take A Break

Bloggers talk about taking a break a lot. We encourage and support those who do decide to take one but feel guilty when we take our own. However, taking a break is important for not only rejuvenating creativity but also rejuvenating yourself. I could get all Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs here, but really the takeaway is that you can’t do your best if you aren’t at your best mentally and physically.

How do you refresh your creativity? Let me know in the comments.

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