Video Games for Cat Lovers

As a cat lover myself, I am often drawn to games that involve my favorite felines. So if there are any other cat lovers out there that are looking for some video games about them, here you go!

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Board Games for Cat Lovers

I am very, very much a cat person to the point where if I was an animal it would most definitely be a cat. And I have found that board games are also cat people as there are so many with cat themes out there. So here is a collection of them if you love both cats and board games.

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Kitten Casualty Review

There has been a lot of quirky card games that have come out since Cards Against Humanity took the tables of gamers and non-gamers by storm. And since these games appeal to non-gamers, they are always fun to try out. So when the creators of Kitten Casualty reached out to me about trying their game, I definitely wanted to check it out. Continue reading