Misconceptions of Ravencalws

The Hogwarts’ houses come with stereotypes, and thus some misconceptions and generalizations of the students. As a Ravenclaw myself, I decided to set some things straight when it comes to my house.

We’re Unemotional

We are analytical and logical, yes, but not unemotional. We are very passionate about our interests and ideas. If it doesn’t interest us, we don’t really care about it, which is probably where the idea of us being unemotional comes from.

We Love School

There is a lot about school we really hate. If the subject bores us, the standards and testing, and the time away from our own projects to name a few. We do enjoy learning, but on what we enjoy.

We’re Know-It-Alls

We don’t really want to know it all, because we will run out of things to learn. We do learn, read, practice, ad grow our knowledge, so we know quite a lot of stuff, but not everything.

We Isolate Ourselves

Again, we surround ourselves in our interests, so if you and I don’t have things in common I won’t really want to spend time with you. But if we share interests, you better expect me to talk to you about it a lot.

We’re Weird

Ravenclaws are typically known as being unique and quirky, because we explore so many interests and hobbies. We’re interesting, not weird, and you can still relate to us.

What House are you in? Leave me a comment!

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23 thoughts on “Misconceptions of Ravencalws

  1. my boyfriend is a Ravenclaw and he can be an insufferable know-it-all at times, but then he does know a lot about a lot of things so there’s that! I’m Gryffindor so who knows? Maybe I’m just being arrogant lol


  2. There’s a reason the term is “wit and wisdom”. Learning is good, yes, but wit and wisdom mean experiencing life as well, having verbal banter with other intelligent folks, having healthy debate, distilling/analyzing our experiences so we gain the most from them, etc. Anyone who thinks Ravenclaw means isolating yourself in a tower of books and ignoring the world probably also thinks all Gryffindors are heroes, all Hufflepuffs and lackwits and all Slytherins are evil.


  3. A Ravenclaw always and forever! Although, I’m pretty social, awkward and don’t care about school that much. hahah Unless it’s a subject I really love and then I’m all in.


  4. Ravenclaw all the way! I was just discussing with friends, that it seems like everyone is a Ravenclaw, because those of us that are Ravenclaws seem to want to brag to everyone and anyone that we are in fact Ravenclaws. So yep, I think that bragging is definitely a trait we have.


  5. Great post! I’m not a Ravenclaw (Gryffindor) but the house always seemed to have a great open-mindedness to learning. It’s not really about learning something technical but encouraging intelligence and eccentricities.


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  8. As a Ravenclaw myself (both self-appointed and tested), I’ve got to say that this is spot on. Practically everyone I know has at least one of these misconceptions about me.


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