Misconceptions of Gryffindors

Last but not least, the one and only Gryffindor. This is the house we know the most about, or do we?

If you couldn’t already tell by the title, I’m here to clarify our assumptions and misconceptions about the red and gold house of Hogwarts. Here we go.

Gryffindors are Cocky

Gryffindors may be courageous and have a moral compass they live by, but that doesn’t make them cocky. There may be a few cocky ones here and there, but overall it’s not a guaranteed trait.


Gryffindors Love Attention

By the look on Ron’s face in that photo, I’d beg to differ. Also, Harry in general is not the biggest fan of being The Boy Who Loved Lived. Being courageous comes with some fame, but that doesn’t mean Gryffindors crave constant attention.

q team.jpg

Gryffindors are All Athletes

There may be a lot of hype around Quidditch and everyone secretly wishes they could be on the team if they aren’t, but that doesn’t mean every Gryffindor is athletic. For example, Hermione is not considered athletic, and neither are many other Gryffindors.

Gryffindors are All Heroes

Now, the fact this is an idea is not all that surprising. Come on, there is Harry, Ron, Hermione. And then Neville comes flying in with a sword. Also Sirius Black and Lupin, and so many more. But Gryfindors are not always the heroes, some times they are the sidekicks, or the cheers from the sidelines. Or they are even the villains *cough Peter Pettigrew cough*

I have finished all of the houses! Go check out the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin posts as well.


11 thoughts on “Misconceptions of Gryffindors

  1. great post! too true! As a Gryffindor, I can definitely attest that not all these things are true just like not all Ravenclaws are know-it-alls (though my boyfriend definitely is! let’s hope he’s reading this 😉 ) I also think people tend to have the idea that Gryffindors are impulsive idiots who do things without thinking which, again, not always true. Thanks for sharing these – I love your Harry Potter posts! pinning ♥


  2. Yay for Gryffindors! I took so many of those silly tests and sorting things and used to be annoyed because I was always put into Gryffindor and just assumed everyone was and it seemed so unoriginal. But then I found out LOTS of people are put into the other houses and now I proudly claim myself as a Gryffindor! and I definitely do not love attention and I am NOT athletic.


  3. Great post! I would have to disagree with the last point though. All Gryffindors ARE heroes, in their own way. Even sidekicks and sideline cheerleaders are heroes to someone 😉


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