How To Look Like A Geek

One great thing about being a geek is all of the cool apparel and accessories out there for us. But what does it actually mean to look like a geek?


Keep It Simple

Unfortunately, not all of us can cosplay 24/7/365. But we can add little geeky hints here and there. Etsy is a great place to find geeky jewelry that is handmade and adorable, like this Luna Lovegood glasses ring. You can find  an accessory for any fandom on there.


Hone In Your Fandoms

If you’re going to incorporate geek into your look, you should definitely take from your fandoms. If you’re going to look geeky, it might as well be wearing what you love. This is why I have a bunch of Harry Potter shirts in my possession. Show off what you love with pride. You can find ridiculously awesome stuff at Jordandene, which is where the shirt above is from.

The Force Awakens BB-8 Jacket Outfit
Image Source: The Stylish Geek


Make It Yours

Although it’s fun to layer on the geeky apparently, make sure you’re staying yourself. Don’t let your outfit cloud you and your personality, because I’m pretty sure you’re awesome enough as it is.

Do Whatever You Want

If you want to dress head to toe in geeky attire, do it. If you just want to have little accents, do it. If you don’t want to do any of it, then don’t. A geek isn’t based on where geeky clothes or glasses or anything like that. It’s based on loving something and being passionate about it, not your outward appearance. You just do you!

What is your favorite geeky clothing or accessory? Leave a comment letting me know!


18 thoughts on “How To Look Like A Geek

  1. so many cute ideas! I love how fun you made this one 😀 normally guides like this can be offensive, but I like how you did it. Definitely think fandom accessories and jackets are my thing lol ♥


  2. I incorporate my geeky loves into my work uniform through jewellery! I have some really cute vidoe game necklaces I wear to work to let my geek flag fly ❤


  3. My favourite way to wear my fandoms is definitely jewelry and accessories. I’m especially into geeky brooches at the moment, although earrings are a close second.


  4. I am definitely into geeky leggings…but that doesn’t really cut it when it comes to work wear so I try to also use jewelry to let my inner nerd out when at the office.


  5. I tend not to go in for the geeky apparel thing so much, but every not and then I allow myself a fun accessory or something. Usually it ends up sparking a conversation or two 🙂


  6. I try to keep my geeky fashion low-key by adding pieces instead of trying to blatantly scream I’m a nerd. I love to add necklaces or t-shirts and dresses that have smaller prints of geeky things that still look fashionable but shows I’m a nerd in subtle way.


  7. OMG I love that BB-8 jacket! Some days I’m subtle with my nerdy clothing choices, other days I’m full on. It really depends on my mood and the weather! It’s so hot here, most of my nerd stuff like my Batman sweaters and black t-shirts have stayed in the back of the wardrobe. That’s why I love Jordandene’s vests, they have been perfect for the Summer. 🙂


  8. My favorite geeky apparel is a storm trooper scarf. I wear it all the time, people usually have to look pretty closely to even tell it has storm troopers on it.


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