How To Become A Tabletop Gamer

I am a tabletop gamer, those are my go to games to play with people. And for some friends I make play with me, they don’t play as much even if they wanted to, mainly because they don’t know how. So if you are like those friends, I am here to help you out.


Find What You Like To Play

There are soooo many different types of games in the world of tabletop: board games, card games, dice games, strategy, tile-laying, RPG, and I could go on. I personally find strategy games more my type of play. When you can identify what you like to play, it will be easier to find games to play.


Game Nights

When do most people play games? Game nights. Whether you host one or you go to your local game store and play, going to game nights can help you find other gamers to play with and give you a space to explore games and share the fun with others who also like to play.

Find A Buddy

When you have another person to play with, it makes playing games more consistently easier. My brother and I play a lot together, and it helps us get better as players but also explore new games. The buddy system works for sure.

What is your favorite tabletop game? Share in the comments.


6 thoughts on “How To Become A Tabletop Gamer

  1. There was this meetup in my city and when I didn’t want to meet new people by going to a bar, or going to something a bit more ‘standard’ there were board game meet ups. I only knew of Monopoly, Scrabble… Up until about six months ago I had no idea about table top gaming, and about these day long kind of games ! I still think I’m quite the newbie and it takes a while for me to get new concepts but.. man. I want to find a gaming crew! 😀 Great post !


  2. My husband just bought Talisman and I’m a bit worried, I’m not that big into games. I’m often the friend in the corner drawing or DJing during a game night. But we thought we’d give it a shot since I like the storytelling element. I really want to GM a tabletop RPG one day though…that’s more my kind of game.


  3. I love playing board games and card games with my husband. We usually do Cards against humanity with friends.


  4. I love table top gaming. I used to be really into D&D but two of my groups are now in various states all over the US. Zach and I love playing things like Monopoly. I left most of my games at a friends house in my hometown. We used to have game nights there one a week. (:


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