Underrated: Megara

I saw another site do a post about how Megara (or Meg) is the most underrated Disney lady. Of course, it caught my interest so I went to it and it was, well, not what I wanted. All of the reasons were her “realistic hair” and such, and I just went “Really?” So here is what I think makes Meg underrated and awesome.


In case you do not know, Meg is the leading lady in Disney’s Hercules, and is his love interest in the movie. However, unlike many of her counterparts, she is not one dimensional, and is a very complex character with a backstory and serious sass.


Seriously though, she is the goddess of sass (ha get it, cause Hercules?) Anyway, bad pun aside, it is nice to see a witty and smart female character take a big part in a movie.


But wait, there is a reason she is so sarcastic. It’s her defense mechanism for getting hurt, because she has been hurt before. Like, wow having a female character who has loved someone before, having been hurt and recovering from it, that’s not how women are usually portrayed in Disney. It’s refreshing and relateable to see Meg have depth of emotions and character.


She also is the one to sacrifice herself to save Hercules at first. She’s not your average damsel in distress that’s for sure. She also shows that love is complicated, that you can love again after heartbreak, that it actually takes more thought then her princess counterparts.


Who is your favorite Disney lady? Comment below to let me know!


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