Underrated: Daria

Let’s flashback to 90’s MTV and spotlight my favorite TV shows leading lady, Daria Morgendorffer.

Daria is my sarcastic soul sister. Literally, the queen of the sarcastic remark. She also represented the people who didn’t quite fit in, and definitely didn’t want to. She is also wickedly intelligent, especially in comparison to some of the other Lawndale residents.


Also, in the entire series there are so many lessons ad looks at real-life situations and how to handle them, like death, heartbreak, life, and the future. Sure, there are some funny quips and one liners, but the messages go much deeper then the surface sarcasm.



Also, Daria highlights the importance of friendship so much with her best friend Jane. Because sometimes the only person who really understands you is your best friend. And even after having a little fall out because of boyfriends, they still maintain best friends. Friendship is also more important than romantics.

And finally, Daria’s wisest words:


What is your favorite 90’s show? Tell me in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Underrated: Daria

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  2. I love Daria, she is one of the hottest babes in the show, and so is Jane, who is the hottest babe in the show. And I’ve been watching Daria for 5 years now, Daria and Exosquad are 2 of my favorite 90s cartoons.


  3. I loved Daria during my teens years. However, during this time I supplemented with other things like anime. Although Daria was the top of my life I loved anime to pieces. I remember during this time I had a really healthy love for Trigun.


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