Codenames Review

Codenames is a game that came out just last year and received really good reviews, so I decided to get it myself and try it out.


game pieces.jpg
Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


How it works: you place a 5×5 square of the word cards down. These are the code names of secret agents. Each team is trying to identify who their agents are before the other team does. Each team has a player that gives one-word clues that relate to as many of their agents’ codenames as possible, based on a grid card.


card layout.jpg
Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


This game is definitely a thinking game, trying to figure out what your clue giver means and who your agents are. And if you guess wrong, you can help the other team by finding their agent, or automatically lose by finding the assassin. Or do no harm or good by finding a pedestrian.


key card.jpg
Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


I really enjoy this game, because it doesn’t take so much gaming experience and strategy to play and enjoy.  And the replayability of it is crazy because there are almost an infinite amount of ways to set up the 5×5 and turn the grid that you can keep playing it for a very long time. And you can play it with only 2 or 3 players, you don’t need a lot of players to play and have fun.


codenames review.png

You can get Codenames in quite a few places, from Amazon to Barnes and Noble. I definitely recommend this game for everyone.

14 thoughts on “Codenames Review

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  3. I’ve heard good things about this game too. Have you had a chance to test it out with only 2 players? I’d be really curious if it’s still as fun & entertaining with just 2 people (since I don’t always have a group to play with)


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