Underrated: Yzma

Villains need love too, right? And Yzma is probably the most underrated Disney villain, even though she is hilarious and so evil.

To be honest, we all sort of became Yzma at some point in our lives. She isn’t the greatest fan of people in general, and finds herself surrounded by the less logically inclined way too often for her own pleasure.

monologue yzma.gif She also wins for having one of the most memorable and hilarious evil plots and monologues in all of Disney. I can guarantee that many people can recite this excite scene on the left.

As for evil plans, her’s probably failed in the most hilarious fashion out of all of the Disney villains. When you wanted death, but the outcome is a llama, you can’t say that that isn’t a hilarious twist of fate.


And even in the happiest times, Yzma is still her bad self.

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