Underrated: Kiki

When Studio Ghibli is mentioned, we usually always go to My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away as our first mental pictures. But what about Kiki’s Delivery Service?

I have the vaguest memories watching Studio Ghibli films, and the only one I actually clearly remember watching and loving was Kiki’s Delivery Service. And as a young girl, it meant a lot to see a different look at the coming of age story.

jiji.png Kiki, as a witch, must leave home once she turns 13 to find her trade and master her skills as a witch. She takes her cat Jiji with her, and ends up in a port city of Koriko, where she helps a local baker and uses her ability to fly to start a delivery service.

 However, she is viewed as an outsider by many of the locals and begins to become depressed. Her depression cause her to lose her ability to fly and speak with Jiji, and she, with the help of new friends, finds her purpose and regains her abilities.

Kiki’s story is about transitioning into adulthood and treats it in such a relateable way, and issues we all may face. Sure, we’re not witches, but we still feel like outsiders while trying to find ourselves and may face depression along the way.

Also, a sassy talking cat makes everything better.

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