Funko Wishlist: 90’s Edition

The Funko Blog released that they will be creating a line of Pop Figures that are from 90’s Nickelodeon shows. They are starting with seven figures from three different shows, but I wanted to make a wishlist beyond the original seven. The original seven include CatDog, Tommy Pickles, Chucky Finster, Reptar from Rugrats, and Krumm, Oblina, and Ickis from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. 


I know I have for sure said it before, but Hey Arnold is a great show to make Pop’s from. Having Arnold and Helga would be great, and adding Gerald and the rest too. Plus, Football head Pop!!


They are already releasing three figures from Rugrats, but they should definitely do all the babies like Angelica, Phil and Lil, Susie, and Dil. Can’t just stop at three (although I got very excited about Reptar).

wild thorn.jpg

The Wild Thornberry’s would also be a great collection for Funko. They all have their own unique look and personalities that would make great figures.

Who is on your 90’s themed Funko wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Funko Wishlist: 90’s Edition

  1. I would definitely being going out to buy the Rugrats Pop! figures … brought Pinky and the Brain before Christmas and love the childhood memories that they stir up.


  2. The Wild Thornberrys are my favourites *-* I spent hours watching this amazing serie. I mean, Eliza could talk with animals, isn’t it the most wonderful thing in the world? And Debbie’s hairstyle OMG!!! I just loved it! In fact, I’m still loving it. hahahhaha Love this post!


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