Killer Unicorns, A World of Art, and Pinnable Meeples: Kickstart Your Week 1

It’s a Monday, and you know what’s great about Mondays? It’s a new week and a new blog post from me. And I wanted to embrace the start of this week by sharing some cool new things you can help make happen. 

One of my favorite things to do is just browse around Kickstarter for cool new things, games especially. So why not take advantage of my random scrollings and share what I find, right? So here we go.

unstable uni.jpg

First, I’m sharing this game because once I saw it I knew I wanted it. Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game similar to Exploding Kittens. You’re trying to build your unicorn army to defeat your opponents, while they build theirs and also block you from finishing yours. The art works is whimsical and wonderful, and the game can be played 2-player and more. The Kickstarter is already fully funded so the game will exist but you can jump in and grab some of the Kickstarter Exclusives, like the black box and exclusive cards. And also browse the expansions! There are now 4 different expansions for the game!

enamel pins.png

Enamel Pins have gained some huge popularity, and now you can get your favorite board game pieces in pin form. There are only 8 days left of this campaign and it is so close to funding! This is the creators, Shannon McDowell, first Kickstarter too. Check it out and see the design options that you can add to your collection.


Lona: Realm of Colors is an art adventure video game, where the artist enters her paintings in an escape from reality.  “A point and click adventure in nature focusing on art and narration instead of fetch puzzles and dialogue. Each level is an abstraction of Lona’s story and it is up to you to bring peace and balance to her painting and find out what has happened to her.” With an interesting plot set up and fabulous art, it is hard to pass by this game. The Kickstarter only has 9 days left to get funded, so take a look now before it’s too late.

Seen any cool Kickstarters lately? Share them with me below!