How to Have the Best Stay-At-Home Halloween

Not everyone wants to go out on Halloween, or sometimes we can’t. Past years I have chosen to stay home and this year I have class so I will be home Halloween night. But it’s possible to have a super enjoyable Halloween without leaving home.


Do  What You Already Enjoy, But Make it Spooky

Do you enjoy playing video games? Well, bust out a spooky video game. This is how I spent Halloween last year. Want to spend your night curled up with a book, make it one of my scary suggestions. Or just watch your favorite Halloween time movie.


Eat All The Candy

Ok, maybe not all of the candy. But don’t stop yourself from enjoying some of your favorite sweets. Plus you can snack on some candy while you wait for trick or treaters.


Start Planning for Christmas (Or the next holiday your celebrate)

Yes, I said it. Be like Jack Skellington and start making Christmas! But seriously, you could start to plan your decorations, maybe some festive activities you want to do, or start making a gift list. Get a head start on the next season now, cause why not?

Or, you could keep reading A Geek Girl’s Guide. *nod wink*

Whatever you do with your Halloween night, have a happy and safe time!

2 thoughts on “How to Have the Best Stay-At-Home Halloween

  1. I’m doing the stay home Halloween this year, our baby is pretty little to bring out to a germ-y family event yet and previously we’d usually go to a bar so that’s prob out.. but we’ll put on casual costumes and hand out candy if we get any trick or treaters and probably play Fortnite’s Halloween special event. So it should still be fun!

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