Steam Winter Sale Haul

As if the Fall Sales weren’t enough, I decided to see what were the sales for the Steam Winter Sale. My personal rule is to never buy anything unless it’s at least 50% off, and I think I got some pretty good steals. So let’s begin my haul overview.


JackBox Part Pack 3 + Fibbage XL + Drawful 2

I’ve played many a JackBox game in my time. I’ve played live demos at Cons and many rounds with friends. So I decided to get it for myself to play with my “real life” friends and my family. So far it’s been a hit over the holidays with my family.

I got the Party Pack 3 specifically because Quiplash is my favorite, and Guesspionage and Trivia Murder Party are also favorites personally. You can get Fibbage XL and Drawful 2 as individual games, and they are also a good time.


Reigns: Her Majesty

This game released in December of last year, so it’s a fresh game. I saw it going around on Twitch a little bit as well as one of my favorite creators Jesse Cox’s YouTube channel (a lot of the games I find are through him and his Fan Friday episodes). It seemed straightforward enough as a game, it’s in it’s simplest description a royalty simulator where you play as the queen. But, it definitely has some dark lore.


Burgle Bros + Paperback

I love me a board game, even a digital one. So I was skimming through the board game tag and this pack of games came up, with Burgle Bros and Paperback. In Burgle Bros, you assemble your Ocean’s 11-like team to plan and execute a robbery using stealth and puzzle solving. Paperback is a word game, where you work to finish your novel. Both seem like the interesting digital version of the original board games.

unreal estate.jpg

Unreal Estate

Another game found through the board game tag search, Unreal Estate is a city-building card game. You have to build a city with the building cards in your hands, but the city council can reject your plans.

gremlins inc.jpg

Gremlins, Inc

Yes, ANOTHER game from the board game tag,  Gremlins Inc. is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. The art and concept brought me in, and we’ll see how intense the strategy is.


Elder Sign: Omens

This is one of the first games I picked up, as it’s been on my wishlist for a while. Based on the original Elder Sign board games, you control a team of agents who must investigate clues in order to prevent the ancient monster from coming.


Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe

Yes, this is the old Roller Coaster Tycoon from 2000, and yes I bought it. And I have played over 20 hours already. The nostalgia is strong, and it’s a great way to pass time and relax at the end of the day.

Did you get any interesting games last month? Let me know with a comment below!

11 thoughts on “Steam Winter Sale Haul

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  2. My husband got me a new laptop for Christmas so now I can finally game on my computer! I ran straight to Steam. I started off getting Sims 3 for old time. I should have grabbed Roller Coast Tycoon too. That used to be my favorite game, way back when!!
    I’ll keep an eye out for the next sale. All total, what’s your favorite game ever you’ve played off the board game tag?

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  3. These look great! Funnily enough, I gave my sister the physical copy of Elder Sign for Christmas this year. Reigns: Her Majesty has looked really fun so far, and I’m tempted to get it. (Glad to meet another Jesse Cox fan!)

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  4. For me I got Icewind Dale, Deluxe edition and Boardgame Simulator as a few of my friends have that and that means we can game together despite being at different ends of the country. The really cool thing, i gather, is only the host needs to have the specific game DLC – everyone else can just join, so that is cool. And I played a bit of Icewind Dale when younger and I figure I should try and complete it . I also got Civ 6 through Humble Monthly, and was quite pleased as it was $12 rather than significantly more


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