First Look: Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest, the platforms celebration of upcoming games, has come and gone and I wanted to share some of the gems I found interest in from the week-long event.

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First Look: Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is a visual novel romantic comedy set in the year 20XX of a future where the 1980s video game crash never happened and arcades are still a thriving form of entertainment. They have a demo of the game available on Steam so I decided to give it a go and give you all a first look. Continue reading

How To Discover New Indie Games

When it comes to video games, I really love indie games. I basically only play indie games and very, very rarely play anything else. So I figured I’d share some tips and places I learn about new indie video games. Continue reading

Festive Video Games for the Holidays

After doing posts about games for Halloween, both horror and non-horror, I decided that Christmas needed some video game love as well. And while there are many, many super cheesy holiday games out there, I have tried to find games that are very fun and not as cheesy as normally seen. Although I am sure some cheesy has come through, it’s all in good festive fun. Continue reading

How To Not Break The Bank on Games

I like to think that I get my thrifty skills from my mom, who we call the ultimate shopper because she can always find the deal on literally anything. I channel that energy into video games, and never buy a game full price ever. With the holidays coming, a bunch of sales, and new games coming out all of the time, I have some tips and tricks to share if you want to do the same. Continue reading

Dead in Bermuda Review

Dead in Bermuda is a is a survival management game with RPG and adventure elements, where you play as 8 survivors of a plane crash. This game has been on my radar for awhile, and I took the plunge into getting it and trying it out, so here is my review. Continue reading

First Look: The Flame in the Flood

As I was spending way more time than I should have looking at games on sale through Humble Bundle, I saw that this game, The Flame in the Flood, was being offered for free and was having a free weekend. Although I don’t play a lot of survival games, I decided to give it a try. Continue reading

First Look: Murderous Pursuits

I’ve been wanting to find some new games to try out, even though I have plenty of unplayed games in my Steam library already, and I came across this game Murderous Pursuits. Murderous Pursuits is a kill-or-be-killed Victorian stealth-em-up for 1-8 players in which you must hunt and kill your quarry before your hunters do the same to you, all while avoiding witnesses. Continue reading

Night in the Woods Review

This is a spoiler-free review

So I am pretty notorious for not finishing longer, story games because I don’t have the time (major sad face) but Night in the Woods is one of the few that I have completed from start to finish and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this game. So here is my review! Continue reading

Holiday Sales Haul

So I caught the sales bug back when Asmodee started their holiday sale and I have actively had to stop myself from getting more stuff. Board games were my big purchases (big shocker right? Haha) but Steam and Jordandene did get some of my purchases. Check out my haul from 4 different sales!

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Video Game Wishlist

If you are anything like me, you have never ending wishlists for different things you enjoy. For me, I have tabletop game lists, Funko lists, and an ever growing video game list. My Steam wishlist will never be lower than my actual library at this point. Now this list is not my entire Steam list, cause good lord that would be a looooong post, but these are some of my stand out games to get. Continue reading

Steam Winter Sale Haul

Let’s just say, Steam saw a lot of my money during this sale, but with a wishlist as long as mine compared to my short library, it was time to get some more games, and on sale!

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