Fantastic Beasts Mobile Game Review

While we all excitedly wait for all of the new games to come from Portkey Games to transport us into the wizarding world, I came across this little gem in Google Play. This is a game from Warner Bros. itself, so it has all of our favorite music, creatures, and details from the series. But how is it as a game overall?


At first, I had no idea what this game was and what the game part of it was. From the start, all you know is that you are a new employee of the Ministry of Magic trying to solve cases involving magical creatures. So my first assumption is that it was a story based game, which you always see ads for on Facebook and don’t look great to me. But this is Harry Potter so I am already sold.


Turns out that this game has quite a few minigames involved. You will solve cases by visiting scenes and doing hidden object games. The faster you find stuff and the more points you get, the closer you get to earning stars which are important to unlocking other parts of the case. They also mess with these in some instances, where everything is mirrored (including the names of items you need) or you’re only given 30 seconds to find as many items listed as possible. It helps change it up so it doesn’t become too easy.


You also get to cast spells when repairing a clue that was broken or cleaning an area, which helps give this game more interesting things to do than just hidden object searching the whole time. You also get to meet various witches and wizards that will help you out. Screenshot_20180119-150511.png

What I like the most though is that you get to learn more about various beasts and creatures from the wizarding world that isn’t common knowledge from the books or movies.


Like many mobile games, especially free ones, you are given the option to either let the timers run out and your energy return in order to continue or pay to refill what you need or skip wait times. I don’t love these mechanics and are my biggest turn offs to mobile games, as I just want to play at my own pace. But it is so commonplace now for free games to have these included that it’s expected. The one upside is that the pay to play side is not in your face and overly forceful. And you can just wait a little bit and keep playing, so it doesn’t feel agonizingly long so far.

Overall, I definitely recommend this game if you can’t wait to start playing some magical mobile games. It will certainly pass the time between now and the release of the new games from Portkey Games.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts Mobile Game Review

  1. Sounds like quite a fun little game. Do you have to have Internet access to play it? I’m always on the lookout for an easy, time waster when I’m on the train to/from work, but being your typical British transport system, there’s never any signal so I try to go for games that don’t need Internet access, which is surprisingly hard!

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