Abracada What? Review

Want to add a little magic to your game shelf? Abracada What? is a game I grabbed during the Asmodee sale at the end of last year. When I grabbed it I was a little skeptical of if it would be a game I’d enjoy, and it ended up being a surprise.


In this game, you are playing a witch/wizard casting very spells to defeat your opponent. But, you don’t know what spells you can cast. That’s right, your opponents can see what your spells are, but you will have to make educated guesses in order to win.



This game was surprisingly fun for two players. The set up is different than with more players, but the overall gameplay isn’t affected which is nice.  The one downside to playing two-players is the game can easily end in three rounds, with one person dominating (I was the loser in this scenario).



Storing this game though is a little bit of a pain, because of the large plastic “stones”. I have them all stored in a gallon Ziploc bag, but I always have to negotiate that bag into the box and the lid is always pushed up slightly. I don’t usually bring up the storage of games in reviews, but it is a point of note for me with this game.



Overall, I was happily surprised by this game when I got it. It is cute and clever when it comes to a magic-based game. Once you learn the game once it’s pretty easy to play. My two negatives of the game are the awkward storage situation and the price. I benefitted from getting the game on sale, and this game is a bit expensive at its normal price in my opinion.


What is one of your favorite magic-themed games? Share with a comment below.

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