Cooperative Crime, Mexican Food Battles, and Dungeons & Drag Queens: Kickstart Your Week 3

I haven’t been browsing a lot of Kickstarter lately to spare my wallet a touch, but it felt right to go through and see what campaigns are currently up. There were 3 particular projects that caught my eye and I’d thought I’d share them with you all.


Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative crime-solving game that brings together board gaming, mobile apps, and a touch of virtual reality. As a team, you will search through 3D scenes for clues, interview suspects, and try to solve the crimes of various stories based in London.

drag queens

Queens of Adventure is a Dungeons & Dragons comedy adventure podcast starring drag queens. Based on a live comedy show in Seattle, Dungeons & Drag Queens, the Queens of Adventure will be playing an ongoing D&D campaign, rolling the dice every other week as they as they combat killer wigs, tame burly bears, investigate shady seamen, and misty step their way into your heart.


TACO vs. BURRITO is a card game where players compete to create the weirdest, wildest meal, that just so happens was created by a 7-year-old. The game is easy to learn but not easy to win as you try to combine your cards into the craziest and most unique meal ever.

Have you seen a really interesting Kickstarter lately? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Cooperative Crime, Mexican Food Battles, and Dungeons & Drag Queens: Kickstart Your Week 3

  1. OMG! TACO vs. BURRITO sounds like fun! 😀 😀 A 7-year-old created it!? O.o Okay, I need my creative powers back on…. woah. I feel like a zombie now xDDD


  2. I meant to reply sooner but life happened again, then outside happened…Um, there have been a few things I spotted or was shown on Kickstarter that grabbed my attention if only for a little while. Dead Throne is back, and funded this time (good for them), the Batman miniatures boardgame is out but am not sure I have room in my collection. There are a couple of video games as well, Iron Harvest which is a video game based in the same world as the game Scythe, which looks awesome and one I hadn’t heard of called Foundation which is a kingdom builder, which I like the sound of

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