Council of Verona Review

This is a review a long time coming as I got this game during the holiday sales in November/ December of last year. I first saw this game on Tabletop and enjoy its quick play and theme to get it myself. And here are my thoughts. 


In Council of Verona, you play character cards either in Exile or in the Council. You are trying to meet certain goals to score points. These goals are on the cards of the various characters in Romeo and Juliet. Example of a goal is to have Romeo and Juliet together. Along with the goals, some cards have different actions you can take when you play them to help you achieve the goals. An example of an action is being able to move a character into exile.


You place bets with tokens to earn points and the player with the highest points wins. For this small box game, it comes with a decent bit of strategy to win. You may have a card placing strategy, but how you play tokens could change the game in the end. It’s great to have a quick to play game with enough strategy to keep it interesting. Plus it is a great two player game.


My version of the game came with the Poison Expansion, which adds extra levels of strategy and thought to the game. If you are playing with more than two players, this adds more replayability if the base game starts to get predictable.

council of verona review

Are you a lover of Shakespeare? What Shakespeare play would you like to see turned into a board game? Share with a comment below.