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Furistas Cat Cafe Review


I am a lover of cats and a tycoon-style game player so when I saw other’s talking about Furistas Cat Cafe I was intrigued at the idea of running a cat cafe. And as I do with trying out new mobile games, I’ve got to share my thoughts with you all.

I have to say that I was skeptical about this game even though I was interested in the concept and I love cats. And I was skeptical because the game was described to me as addicting. When a mobile game is described to me as addicting, I have low hopes for it being actually good for long term playing because you get addicted at the start, things are very time sensitive to keep you playing, and then you ultimately get bored. But is that the fate of Furistas Cat Cafe?

To describe the game a little bit deeper, you are running a cat cafe. You will adopt cats and customers will come in with certain personalities that you can pair to the cats to earn hearts. You’ll earn rewards that will help upgrade the cats so customers can spend more time with them. You also earn coins from fulfilling customer orders for drinks and food. Coins can be used to buy furniture and decor to add personality to your cafe. As you level up your overall cafe you’ll unlock new cats and more space in your cafe.

The game is really easy to play and I was surprised that it is pretty easy to earn hearts, fish, and coins and have a lot of those resources without worrying about it. Also, the art of the cats is absolutely adorable. But, this game does fall into the addiction trap. They give you daily tasks to complete to get rewards and some of them are really difficult unless you constantly have the app open and playing which, to me, is not how I want to play games. There are also seasonal events to earn rewards as well that also motivate you to keep playing that also feel like you need the app always open. So addicting it is because the game wants you to be constantly playing, but that does not equal fun. And while I played it daily for a week or so, once it got to the point where those daily tasks were too difficult to finish unless I was always playing, I stopped. I also got bored honestly. This game was a temporary satisfaction but the grind of it is not ideal for me.

I’d recommend this game if you really love cats and you don’t really care too deeply about daily tasks and feeling like you have to grind to succeed. If you just want to see cute cats then sure play the game. But I wouldn’t describe this game as fun or enjoyable for more than a couple days.

How do you feel about games being described as addicting? Let me know in a comment.

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I love the game and play as I can. I love the cats, the chores and the challenges. I just can’t take a picture of one cat with a customer, it takes the full pic of the cafe so I can’t complete that chore.

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