Top Nine of 2019

Top 9 is a popular Instagram trend where a site will find your top 9 most popular Instagram posts and make a collage of them. I decided to take this idea and find my top 9 blog posts of 2019 and share those!

For this list, I took the top 9 posts that were posted in 2019. There are older posts that are more popular than some of these thanks to SEO but I wanted to highlight 2019 specifically. 


  1. Geeky Graduation Gifts⁣⁠

A gift guide for graduation is not a super common event for a gift guide, so I think that is what helped popularize the post. And Pinterest. 

  1. The Gamer Tag Remastered⁣⁠

This tag came back for me this year since I originally did one a while ago. Since it rose in popularity during the year for bloggers, I am not too surprised it made it to the top 9.

  1. Vast: The Mysterious Manor Review

Board game reviews are not new for me to write, but Vast was a very different type of game for me to try. It is heavier than the usual game I play so it was very interesting to try something new. Plus it was cool to partner with the publisher for this since I admire their work.

  1. The Disney Tag⁣⁠

I am a little surprised a tag made it this high up on the list, but since it is Disney it is not too surprising. Plus when you do tags, and bloggers link between each other these posts, it is bound to get views.

  1. #SelfCare Review⁣⁠

In our self care loving culture, I am definitely not surprised this is in the top 9. Pretty sure SEO is a big factor in the success of this post as well. It is definitely a unique take on a mobile game that is quite peaceful to play.

  1. First Look: Lore Olympus⁣⁠

I got into reading Webtoons this year, and Lore Olympus is the one that got me into it in the first place and I still actively read. I am happy this is in my top 9 since it is both a new love of mine and a great work of art.

  1. Furistas Cat Cafe Review

This one surprised me a little bit, but looking into it, SEO was the major player here. People looking up the game on Google are to thanks for this mostly, and I appreciate you, dear online searchers!

  1. Video Games to Play Based on Your Zodiac Sign⁣⁠

This is definitely one of my favorite posts I have written this year and possibly ever. It is such a Buzzfeed level topic on the surface, but I definitely make genuine recommendations. I’m glad it made it to this list because it was so fun to write. 

  1. Video Games To Help You Destress⁣⁠

I am not surprised this post is number one. In a world as crazy and stressful as ours and the popularity of self care in culture, a post focused on destressing is logically going to do well. And I genuinely use video games to destress so it was a personal type of post in that regard.

What were your top 9 moments or works of 2019? Share them with a comment below.

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