Frostpunk Review

Frostpunk, developed by 11 Bit Stuios, is a survival game set in a completely frozen world, and you are the leader of the last city on Earth. Can you keep your citizens alive in this steampunk tundra?

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First Look: The Avant-Guards

The Avant-Guards is a comic from BOOM! Box about Charlie, a former sports star and transfer student to the Georgia O’Keeffe College of Arts and Subtle Dramatics. While struggling to find her way around and her place among the student body, she gets recruited to the not-so-good basketball team. Continue reading

Furistas Cat Cafe Review

I am a lover of cats and a tycoon-style game player so when I saw other’s talking about Furistas Cat Cafe I was intrigued at the idea of running a cat cafe. And as I do with trying out new mobile games, I’ve got to share my thoughts with you all. Continue reading

Armello Mobile Review

It has finally happened: Armello has made it’s way to mobile, and more specifically to Android. I’ve been waiting for this day since they first mentioned an iOS version of my favorite game. So you know I have to review the mobile version, and it has some very interesting differences between the PC version.  Continue reading

Dead by Daylight Review

In case you are new here, I do not consider myself a gamer. I have only just recently started playing video games very casually, and this is a couple years after being a avid video game viewer. One of the first games I bought when starting was Dead by Daylight, because my friends recommended it and I had seen a LOT of it on Twitch, so it looked fun. Here is my newbie review.

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