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If you don’t know what DisneyBounding is, it is essentially an everyday cosplay of Disney characters. It’s great for going to the theme parks and getting to feel like you’re your favorite character without breaking park rules about dressing up. So while I’ve had Disney on my mind, I decided to make a little tag about DisneyBounding. 

All images are from thedisneybound Instagram



I have to go with my favorite, Mulan. However, I would do her outfit when at the palace and fighting Shan You. I already have a dress that is based on that dress, thanks to Elhoffer Design.



Yzma is my favorite villain. Plus all black is a huge portion of my wardrobe as is.



Of the classic characters, I’d choose Minnie. She has many different looks that would be fun to interpret. Just can’t forget her classic polka dots.

A Mickey Mouse


There are so many Mickeys to choose from! Steamboat Willy Mickey, Classic Mickey, Band Concert Mickey, and more. I’d go with Sorcerer Mickey myself. It’s an iconic Mickey, maybe even one of the most well-known Mickeys, so it would be fun.



Non-human has so many options. While scrolling through thedisneybound Instagram, there were so many options. From animals, to objects, to whole locations like the Cave of Wonders! But the one that made me excited was this painting from The Haunted Mansion. She is a human technically but is first a painting so I’m counting it.



Pixar has many good Disneybounding options and it was hard to choose. But I chose Merida in the end. Brave is one of my favorite Pixar films after all.

Marvel or Star Wars


Between the two, I know much more about Marvel than Star Wars. And Iron Man is my favorite out of the heroes I have knowledge of. So Iron Man it is!

Dapper Day


My brother and I want to do Dapper Day one day, and our first would be a Dapper Disneybound of Basil and Olivia from The Great Mouse Detective. The Great Mouse Detective is a cherished film from our childhood so it makes sense for us to do this for a Dapper Day.

Do you want to do this tag? Copy the prompts below and give it a go!

A Mickey Mouse
Marvel or Star Wars
Dapper Day


May is Mental Health Month, and mental health is an incredibly important thing to me as someone who lives with mental illnesses. So for every post this month I’ll be including this message as a reminder that there should be no stigma for mental illness and that everyone has mental health. Read my full Mental Health Month post for resources and more information.

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