How To Celebrate Geek Pride Day

May 25th is Geek Pride Day, meaning we geeks have our own holiday! So I thought I’d share some ideas of ways you can enjoy the day in the geekiest ways possible.

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Flaunt Your Geeky Pride

It’s our day, why not flaunt it? Wear your favorite geeky shirt, take the selfie, and share it on your socials. Talk about why being a geek is great and commune with your fellow geeks. It’s a happy day so let’s be happy we have all these different things to love and make us happy.

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Have a Geeky Get Together

Whether you want a full on party or just a small gathering of your closest friends, having a geeky get together for Geek Pride Day is an excellent way to spend it. You can make some geeky treats to enjoy, maybe some small decorations if you’re feeling it, and plan some geeky things to do. Maybe a board game night or a Mario Kart tourney among your friends or marathon all the Harry Potter movies. The choice is yours.


Immerse Yourself in Your Favorite Things

Geek Pride Day is the perfect excuse to just geek out all day, and if you can’t or don’t want a geeky together, you can immerse yourself in your favorite things. Maybe you’ll binge your favorite anime or marathon your favorite Marvel movies. Or you’ll play your favorite video game all day. And if you can’t spend the whole day geeking, you can still take some time to just love your favorite things. Whatever you do, make it an enjoyable day.

How will you celebrate Geek Pride Day? Let me know with a comment below!


May is Mental Health Month, and mental health is an incredibly important thing to me as someone who lives with mental illnesses. So for every post this month I’ll be including this message as a reminder that there should be no stigma for mental illness and that everyone has mental health. Read my full Mental Health Month post for resources and more information.

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