Favorite Broadway Musicals

This Sunday is the Tony Awards, which is Broadway’s biggest night. To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite musicals with you all in this post. Let’s raise the curtain, shall we?



My adoration of Hamilton is strong. This show is the only one to get me to write about it numerous times (so far). I love its innovation and it’s diversity, the story and music are very well written, and honestly, this show and album got me through my lowest of times. So I have a deep emotional connection to Hamilton that can’t be replaced.



Hadestown has just hit the great white way this year and is nominated for 14 Tony Awards for this weekends show. I found this show from a fellow geek online and gave the original cast album a listen and now I am obsessed. It is a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and it is so beautifully written and sung. It’s a folk opera styling, so it’s definitely not your big show tune number kind of show. And my favorite characters are Persephone and Hades, especially with how Amber Gray and Patrick Play do them.



Next to Normal

Next to Normal is a Pulitzer Prize-winning rock musical about a mother struggling with bipolar disorder and the effects of that on her family. It’s a haunting show as it discusses mental illness, drug use, suicide, family death, and modern psychiatry. While it is a heavy show, it’s so well done and powerful. And there will be light in this show.


Into the Woods

Another retelling, Into the Woods, is about various fairytale characters and there interactions with each other on personal quests, and the aftermath of said quests. The blend of all of these different stories makes it a very interesting musical and how it covers both happy endings and more unfortunate ones is an interesting take on these familiar stories. Also, it is a Sondheim musical, so the music is fantastic. Bernadette Peters as the witch is so well done too, managing both sinister and hilarious.



Wicked was one of the shows that was often played during my teenaged days and probably was for most teenage musical lovers back in the day. It is an incredible show, with great music and performances. And it’s one of the longest-running shows for a reason. I will always be partial to Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth is the lead roles, and will always love when Defying Gravity, For Good, or I’m Not That Girl.

Want to see what other Broadway shows I enjoy? Here is my Broadway playlist!

Do you have any favorite musicals? Share them with me in a comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Favorite Broadway Musicals

  1. I love Into the Woods! I love Hamilton too, though it took a while to grow on me. I initially resisted it because it was so overrated, but it’s actually really good. I started listening to some of Hadestown and I like it’s unique sound. I think that retellings have so much potential.
    Some other musicals I love are Secret Garden, Jane Eyre and Les Miserables.


  2. So I’ve been called a psycho for this but Chicago and Sweeny Todd are like my tied #1 favorite musicals.

    I’ve always wanted to see The Lion King on Broadway.

    Broadway’s I’ve seen in movie form that I love: Annie and Mammia Mia.

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  3. I love love love musicals! Hamilton is a favourite of mine, and I’ve been getting into Hadestown recently too. I think it’ll be the big winner on Sunday for sure!
    Other favourites of mine include Mamma Mia, Newsies (which is on Netflix, go watch it if you haven’t!), Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde, Come From Away, and The Last Five Years.

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  4. Favorite Broadway Musicals- there are a lot, I believe.

    Wicked- it changed me for good. It sparked my love for musicals.

    Les Mis- it challenged the way I view musicals. It turned the former love I have for musicals into a passion.

    I can’t choose between Wicked/Les Mis which I love the most- they are shared for #1 musicals.

    Other favorites- Annie, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King to name some

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