Miracle Mia Review

Miracle Mia is a 2D Action-Platformer, heavily influenced by anime and Japanese video gaming culture, which follows characters using powerful “Miracle Weapons” to combat the evils working against them.

I was provided the game for free for review

2019-09-14 (7)

In the game, you play as sisters Mia and Nia who are brought into a war against the Geos, and alien species, as they go looking for their older sister Lia. That is really the extent of this story, as it doesn’t feel like it develops much further beyond that. I found myself skipping some dialogue heavy moments because the story wasn’t interesting enough for me. It didn’t help that the voice acting was a little flat, as if everyone is voiced by the same person, and not enough differentiation to make it compelling.

2019-09-14 (5).png

Mechanics wise, this is not a type of game I  play often. Games that involve really any type of combat system can frustrate me after a while. However, I did not hate the combat system in Miracle Mia once I got the hang of it. My biggest struggle personally was that I am not very good playing on a controller, but the game did not want to work properly with keyboard and mouse, so I struggled with my personal ineptitude at controller gameplay.  To a point though, it felt like all I really had to do was stand still and spam racket swings to kill opponents in some situations. And that isn’t the most fun gameplay ever.


The art and design of the game are fairly simple. But I do think it fit with everything else well and doesn’t need to be the most artistic game out there. I do like the design of the Geos and find them unique but still fitting into this world.

Overall, I’d say that the game has room for improvement. If you enjoy combat in games, I’d say check it out for yourself and see if you like it more than I do.

Miracle Mia is available on Steam

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