Love Clue? Try These Games Too

There are some games that many people at least know about if not played, and Clue is one of those games. I figured it would be a cool idea to recommend some other games you’ll enjoy if you enjoy Clue.



Mysterium takes the murder mystery solving side of Clue and makes it cooperative. One player plays the ghost of the victim and tries to leave clues via illustrations to help the medium investigators solve the murder. The mediums must solve whodunnit, how, and where just like in Clue.


Kill Doctor Lucky

Kill Doctor Lucky is referred to as an inversion and even a parody of Clue. Instead of solving the murder, you are the murderers. You wander a mansion similar to Clue, have a diverse array of weaponry at your disposal, and are competing against everyone else ot be the first to kill Doctor Lucky.


Mystery of the Abbey

Mystery of the Abbey is a whodunnit deduction game like Clue is, where you play as monks trying to solve a murder that occurred in the monastery. You travel room to room and ask questions of your opponents to gain information, much like with the cards in Clue. Unlike Clue, players can ask any question to any player provided the response does not include a suspect’s name. The person being asked the question may choose to answer or otherwise refuse by taking a vow of silence (putting their finger to their lips).


Lady Alice

In Lady Alice, players are the Baker Street Kids, children under the guidance of Sherlock Holmes.  They must solve the kidnapping of Henry Morton Stanley, including who did it, the time and place the kidnapping occurred, and which object was stolen at the same time. There is much more bluffing and secrecy in Lady Alice compared to Clue, which may be of interest to you to change things up.


Betrayal at House on The Hill

If you wanted Clue to be scarier, Betrayal at House on The Hill is a good way to go. In betrayal, you play as a group who are wandering this haunted house, revealing secrets of the manor and the haunts that reside in it. Once a player reveals the Haunt, a member of their party betrays them and the innocent must defeat the defector.

What other classics games do you want me to give suggestions for? Let me know in the comments below!

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