Video Games for Board Gamers

I recently wrote some suggestions for board games that video gamers should play. And now, I’m going to do the reverse! Here are some video games that I think board gamers will enjoy.

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Yes, I am recommending Armello yet again! But it is perfect for this list because it is very board game in style. It is a digital board game after all. In Armello, you play as a clan member from one of the now six clans and you are trying to become the next ruler of Armello before everyone else by defeating the king. You will have cards you can play to help yourself or slow down others and will battle other heroes and enemies with dice rolls. As a board gamer first, Armello is definitely one of my absolute favorite video games.



XCOM 2 is your classic turn-based strategy game where you are controlling a resistance group trying to defeat the alien takeover of the world. It is high on strategy and customization, which is great for those board gamers who like to control and work with many moving pieces.


80 Days

In 80 Days, you play as Passpartout and are helping Phileas Fogg traverse the world in 80 days. The strategy side of this game is where I think it shines for board gamers because you have many options to choose from and paths to follow. Plus you have to manage your money, health, and other necessities.


Dead in Vinland

For those resource management fans, Dead in Vinland is excellent. You play as a Viking family that had to evacuate their home and have landed on a new island. They have to build shelter, find food, and stay alive against the many threats of their new home. There is also party management as you can find people to add to your settlement.


Light Fingers

If you want to play with others much like your board games, Light Fingers is a good option. You all play as thieves trying to collect enough gold and get to the thieves camp safely. You roll for moves, build the board as you go, and have some foes to avoid. There is also a fun dungeon crawling moment where your fellow thieves control obstacles while you have to run for the treasure at the end.

What video games would you suggest to a board gamer? Share them in the comments below!

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