Geeky Advent Calendar Ideas

Now that we are mere days away from December, it is time to break out your advent calendars! And if you need some suggestions for a geeky twist on this holiday classic, you have come to the right post.


24 Days of Board Games

If you already have quite the board game collection, doing 24 Days of Board Games should be pretty easy to pull off. You can play a new game in your collection every day and it is a great way to play some old favorites or try ones that haven’t left the shelf yet.


24 Days of Video Games

More of a video gamer? I bet you have quite the backlog of games that need to be played. So why not do it as an advent calendar? Go through your backlog and find 24 games you haven’t played yet. You can assign a day to each one or do a random choice through a generator.


24 Days of Disney

Love Disney? Why not watch a different Disney movie every day for the 24 days till Christmas? And with Disney+ that is even easier! If you have kids you can let them choose some while you choose others. You can make a fun mix of recent favorites and older classics to really marvel at all that Disney has made.


24 Days of Marvel

Speaking of Marvel, you can do 24 days of Marvel movies! You can pick your favorites or follow a certain storyline and get sucked back into the MCU. It will also be a nice refresher before really getting into all the post-Endgame stuff coming. Disney+ did dub Iron Man 3 their Die Hard of Christmas movies.


24 Days of Christmas Specials

If you really want to keep your advent festive, find 24 Christmas specials to watch each day. From the claymation classic of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, the classic Grinch cartoon, or more recent specials from your favorite shows, there are tons to choose from to help you get into the holiday spirit.

And if you can’t commit to 24 days, do 12 instead!

When you are busy with life, prepping for the holidays, and who knows what other things, 24 days can seem like a lot. Thankfully we can embrace a classic carol and just do 12 instead. I’ve done a 12 days of gaming in the past, and that number works out nicely too.

Do you have any holiday traditions that you have made geeky? Tell me about them with a comment.