How To Geekify Your Desk Space

There are many ways to add a geeky touch to your workspaces, whether you want to geek up your desk at work or just really personalize your office at home. Since I recently started my new job and have a desk of my own, I go to do just this and I’m sharing how I went about it and what I added.


Understand What You’re Working With

Whether you have an entire office space or merely a tiny cubicle, you need to know how much space you have to work with to plan accordingly. This is especially true for smaller spaces since it is so limited. And it will be best to start geeking up your space once you have everything else you need to do your job already in there.

Another thing to consider is the vertical space/ wall space. It will be easier to add posters or similar art in an office or cubicle than it is with an open workspace setting. If you can’t put up a poster, consider changing your desktop background to essentially be a digital poster.


Add Useful Items

Desk space tends to be limited since you do have to work on it and need your computer, keyboard, and other necessities to take priority. But, adding useful items that are geeky helps with this. You can get geeky office supplies like sticky notes, pens, and notebooks. I plan on keeping a geeky mug at work for when I want a drink or to be a stand-in coaster of sorts. I also have a Disney calendar so I can keep track of dates and have a little magic too. Things that have a purpose mean you aren’t sacrificing desk space just for geeky things, but you can still flaunt your fandoms.


Keep Your Knick Knacks Small

Having smaller items will be easier to bring to the office, won’t take up tons of your workspace, and can allow you to have more items to flaunt more of your fandoms. I have some mini Funko’s of Hedwig and Fang that sit at my desk at home. A display of enamel pins would be great as well, and you can DIY something fairly easily as well. I have three display hoops for pins at home and have been debating if I should have a work one or not. Smaller items are also fun to add overtime as a collection of your geeky right at your desk.

How have you geekified your workspaces? Let me know with a comment!