Quick and Geeky Costumes for Quaratineoween

Since we are all stuck inside right now because of COVID-19, Instagram user ghostine introduced the idea of celebrating Halloween on March 31st called Quaratineoween. It has now become a bigger event, and you can join the fun by dressing up and sharing your costume on social media. So I am sharing all of the quick and geeky costume ideas so you can join the fun!

Every Halloween I make a post sharing easy costume ideas that are great if it is last minute. I’m linking those below as well as sharing some new ideas!

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 1

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 2

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 3

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 4

Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 5

And now some new ideas!


Orpheus and Eurydice from Hadestown

The lovers of the myth are easy to pull together from the musical. Jeans, a white button-up, and a red handkerchief make Orpheus. Bonus points if you have a guitar. Eurydice has a couple of different outfits like her Hadestown worker look shown above.

underrated edna

Edna Mode

The fashion queen of Disney has a few looks thanks to the sequel. A black dress and round glasses will do the trick.


Debbie Thornberry

90’s Nickelodeon’s iconic teenager is easy to put together with a green flannel, jeans, and a red or orange tee.


Lydia Deetz

While many may go to Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz is a good option too. You can go for the movie version or musical, either way, you just need a lot of black.



Anastasia also has quite a few looks to pull from. The easiest will probably be her initial outfits when she did not know she was Anastasia yet. An oversized coat, scarf, and a yellow or beige tunic can get the basic look down.

Will you be joining in for Quaratineoween? Tell me what costume you’d wear in a comment!

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