First Look: Quibi

You may have seen ads for Quibi, a vertical video streaming service, all across social media. It is officially out now and I decided to give it a try and share my thoughts.

The concept of Quibi is basically to be the Netflix of vertical video. They have many different series, some headlined by some very well-known names. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and new episodes are posted every day. And they have even more series planned which their share in a coming soon section.


There is quite a big variety in genres with Quibi already. Drama, comedy, game show, true crime, home improvement, reality, competition, documentary are just some of the genres already represented. All of the series have trailers so you can get a look at what the show is all about which is helpful.

I have heard some say that we already have Tik Tok so we don’t need Quibi. However, the only thing that these two platforms share is vertical video. Tik Tok is user-generated content while Quibi is professionally-made content. And Quibi’s videos are longer since Tik Toks max out at 1 minute. You also can watch Quibi videos horizontally, but the editing and overall experience of the vertical video I enjoyed more.


There have been some technical issues, which are expected at launch. No app is immune from launch day bugs, just look at Disney+. So I’m not that bothered by having some connection issues on the day it launches.

Quibi is definitely worth a try, especially since right now they have a 90-day free trial. 3 whole months to see if you like the content, so why would you not take advantage? After the trial, it is a paid service with two options: an ad-supported and an ad-free. With a variety of series already on the app from so many different genres, it is worth a look for anyone.

Have you checked out Quibi? What series has caught your eye? Share them with a comment!

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