Femida Review

Femida is a nonlinear point-and-click game about justice where you play the role of a judge. You preside over cases and make the final decision of each case, and your reputation will shift. You’re also trying to solve a mystery of your own: who killed your father.

I was provided a copy of this game for the purposes of this review.

The game is set in a dystopian State after the overthrowing of the dictator and his government. The violent revolution that led to the rapid restructuring is what brought you, playing as Demian, to be a judge in the State’s courts. 

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The questions you ask in the courtroom can result in different answers and reactions from the public. You have to keep the tension down while getting all of the facts. You are also scored by the public’s perception of the case as well as the judiciary perception. In the end, you make the decision of innocent or guilty and the severity of punishment if it is the latter. Oh, and you have a time limit for every case.

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At the start, the cases are fairly straightforward and simple. But they do get more complex and do give you some moral dilemmas to face. However, it is really easy to tell what responses you can make have bias and would create certain reactions. Speaking of the reactions, the perceptions you are trying to control don’t have any clear effect on the game.

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My biggest issues were at the start of the game because the tutorials were not clear to me. I almost failed the first case because the tutorial didn’t clearly explain how to end the trial to make a judgment. The wording of them, in general, is also a little strange, but my understanding is that they are translated into English which does lead to some issues.

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The game also has the story of Demian trying to figure out who murdered his father. Honestly, I don’t really care because they started this plotline off strangely with how they wanted to characterize Demian, such as taking meds or flirting with your friend even though you’re married. It’s messy and I lost interest quickly.

In the end, this game is fine. It had a very interesting concept but did not deliver fully. I quickly lost interest in the game and I think there are other games out there with similar concepts that are better.

What dystopian games do you enjoy? Let me know in a comment below.

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