Favorite BTS Music Videos

Yes, BTS has returned to the blog and I am sharing my favorite music videos this time. I am usually not one to watch music videos but BTS has become the exception to that easily. So let’s get into it.

Blood Sweat & Tears

This one is definitely my favorite for a few reasons. First and foremost, it is gorgeous. It is visually stunning and beautiful. Second, it is tied into the BU which is something I really enjoy exploring. Third, it is one of my most favorite songs of theirs. Last the choreography is awesome and iconic.

Also a shout out to the Japanese version as well, which might be one of the craziest and weirdest music videos I have ever seen. I’ve never taken any drugs, but I assume that it feels like what the Japanese video looks like.


FAKE LOVE is a spiritual successor of the Blood Sweat & Tears video. It is also part of the BU and has some visually interesting moments in it as well.

Black Swan

Black Swan is another one where it is visually stunning and that is the highlight for me. I also love the contemporary dance style they do, especially Jimin’s solo since he is trained in contemporary dance. I can’t help but also think of Swan Lake when listening to the song and watching the video, and Swan Lake is my favorite ballet (yes I have a favorite ballet).


I mainly enjoy DOPE because I really like the choreography of it. It is also a super upbeat and hype song. It’s one of the few earlier songs and videos that I enjoy.


IDOL is a colorful and crazy video. Like DOPE, it is a super upbeat and hype song with exciting choreography so it is fun to watch. It’s not as crazy as the Japanese Blood Sweat & Tears but it is a wild one.

What are your favorite music videos, BTS or otherwise? Share them with me in a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Favorite BTS Music Videos

  1. I definitely agree with blood, sweat and tears. The music video is just amazing and idol is pretty fun to watch. I love DNA and boy with luv but the music video is just kinda simpler then the videos in your list.

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