Favorite K-Pop Songs

So if you somehow haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten really into K-Pop over the last couple months. BTS is a huge influence on this, but I have branched out to many other groups and soloists and decided to share my favorites outside of the Bangtan boys.


This song, and Kang Daniel in general, was introduced to me through an ad on YouTube actually. YouTube clearly saw my K-Pop content increase and went yep let’s show her this. I’ve gotten into more of his music which is also really good, but Who U Are remains my favorite.

Victory Song by Stray Kids

Stray Kids have quickly become my second favorite group and I have a playlist dedicated to just my favorites of their music. Victory Song is one of the top ones that I always enjoy listening to when it comes on.


Kill This Love was my first BLACKPINK song, but once I got deeper into their music I found I enjoyed Playing With Fire the most.

Love Shot by EXO

I have determined that it is impossible to not want to dance and vibe when Love Shot by EXO comes on. It is another one I rarely skip when it comes on.

God’s Menu by Stray Kids

Further proof that Stray Kids in general are a favorite, they are on here twice. God’s Menu is one of their recent hits and is honestly iconic with just one line. I rarely skip this song as well.


DUN DUN has bee on my favorites for a while now and is probably my favorite song of EVERGLOW so far. It’s a pretty good represenations of the kind of K-Pop music I enjoy the most.

I Hate To Admit It by Bang Chan

This song! Bang Chan is a member of Stray Kids, my favorite to be exact, and this song came up on YouTube as a recommended video and oh my goodness it hit me directly in the soul. I adore this song it is so beautiful and powerful.

Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS

I couldn’t resist putting at least one BTS song, and I have determined that Blood Sweat & Tears is my favorite of all BTS songs. I never skip this song when it comes up, it’s from my favorite album, and it’s my favorite music video.

Who are your favorite K-pop groups? Recommend them with a comment!


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